7 Things to Consider When Seeking for a Bail Bond

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Bail bonds are extremely dependable when personal or institutional sources are not available. They are far easier to obtain. You can get one from a simple tip from your lawyer or through your friends and relatives. If you are looking for bail bonds, even if these are bail bonds available 24/7 in Utah, keep reading for things to consider.

Type of Bail

There are two common types of bail bonds: cash and surety. With a cash bond, which can be more expensive, you pay for the whole amount, all in cash. A surety bond is normally used for more severe crimes. Usually, this bond is obtained at a higher amount and may involve a bondsman or an intermediary.


Like any other financial instrument of this type, collateral is required. Any form of asset that is liquid enough is acceptable as collateral. You can use your car, home, jewelry, and stock holdings. Even credit cards and bank accounts are used as collateral for bail bonds.

Bail Amount

The bail amount depends on the kind of crime involved. The more severe the crime, the bigger the bail. Well, that is if the judge does not add any more on top of the standard bail. Those with a substantial criminal history usually gets higher bail, too. If one also has a habit of skipping court appearances, the bail amount can also be increased.

Bond Violations

The court and the bail bond company will come up with bond conditions for your release. You will be required to appear in court when told so. No other crime should also be committed prior to sentencing. Any violation of the above will get you a warrant of arrest, a lost bail opportunity, or a full bail payment if you are not located within six months.

Bond Rates

Typically, there is a 10 percent rate charged by bail bond providers. Most states would set the price at such level, however, there may be some states that will have a different charge. Even if a company is offering a higher rate, it will adjust to prevailing market prices.

Bail Bond Company

When choosing among a list of companies, make sure that you look into what they can offer. Ask for conditions when posting bail, their availability 24/7, and their license (length of time being licensed). Also, ask for potential events that will let the company request for a defendant to be put back in jail.

Bail Bondsman

woman talking to a judge inside the courtroomThe agent should be as reliable as the company. When choosing the right agent, check if he dresses professionally, has a physical office, and has a bail license. It is good if he is rated by state or federal rating institutions or any professional group. Lastly, make sure that he is recommended by someone you trust.

Bail bonds are not difficult to find. However, there may be some challenges involved when ensuring that you are getting the right company or agent. It is still key to be critical with people’s recommendations and information you get from your research.

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