Advertising in a World Asking for Digital Minimalism

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Social media influencers became essential to digital marketers because of their reach and popularity. They don’t need to be experts; all they have to do is talk about a product on their platform, and their followers or subscribers can easily be converted to paying customers. However, even some of these influencers are now choosing to take a social media detox, some deleting all apps on their phones for a couple of days or weeks because of the way excessive social media use has affected their life and sense of self-worth.

When your go-to advertisers suddenly switch to a digitally minimalist lifestyle, does this spell disaster for your brand?

All Roads Lead to Mindful App Use

As much as tech giants know their main goal is to be a successful company online, they recognize that mobile phones can be overused, and social media can be abused. They’re now taking it upon themselves to advocate conscientious use of mobile phones, even going as far as adding features that limit app use after a certain number of hours of screen time has been reached. When even tech companies want to remind users to be on their phone less, you know your brand is only doing the sensible thing by following suit. Depending on the product you offer, there should be features that remind users of the world outside, too.

You’re Not Losing Customers–You’re Just Keeping Them Longer

Excessive use of mobile phones and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to unhealthy living, which puts your customers at risk of severe medical conditions. Their lives might be thriving online, but the natural consequences of not exercising, eating junk food, and social anxiety result in an unhealthy atmosphere. What you want now is to come up with healthier and more controlled ads that will remind them of your product without it being too obtrusive to real life. You don’t even need to change much in terms of PPC in Worcester. The changes will mostly be on the way your brand interacts with users. Perhaps a reminder every once in a while to take a break and smell the roses? Or, if you don’t want your app to be called annoying, give users a button, they can click to limit their own use. You’re caring for them by giving them the option to care for themselves.

Building a Friendlier World

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You have the power to help customers be more aware of their online actions, but more importantly, you can be involved in creating a healthier community, which reinforces positivity and kindness. Those who are loyal to your brand and want to be part of your every online movement can be your best advocates, and all you have to do is encourage them to reach out to others. If people don’t want to be offline, the least you can do is give them a place where they can interact with like-minded individuals, making sure that they do so in a respectful manner. The online world–or at least the part you’re occupying–need not be a negative space for your customers.

Digital minimalism is not the end of digital marketing. If anything, it might be the start of a movement towards awareness and more friendly marketing practices.

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