Career Options for the Musically Inclined

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A world without music is such a lonely place to be in. It’s like seeing life through grayscale or black and white lenses — bland, lifeless, and indistinguishable. Can you imagine what kind of world you will be living in if music wasn’t invented?

Music is one of the many things that give color to people’s lives, no matter the situation they find themselves in. It’s filled with history, culture, and tradition from all over the world. Naturally, people will be drawn to its beauty and such intricate complexities.

Listening to and making music aren’t just hobbies or passions because it can be something that you’ll be doing for the rest of your life. If you’ve never considered a career in the music industry, here are a few paths that you can take while discovering the wondrous world of music:

If you like teaching music…

You can become a music teacher or a vocal coach. Both professions work with students of varying ages and expertise, which can be good practice for your teaching or coaching skills as a music enthusiast. You can also become a music teacher or a vocal coach by applying to established academies or opening your own business.

Pursuing this career path can be a great choice for you, especially if you love teaching people of all ages through the power of music. You can begin this business by offering guitar or piano classes, and basically, any instrument that you excel in. Or you can offer vocal coaching to students who want to learn the craft more.

But if you want to reach a wider range of people through music, you can apply to work in schools and teach young kids and teenagers about the complexities of notes and vocal ranges. Encourage your students to join the marching band or the choir, and give them the confidence to perform in front of their peers in school events.

If you like writing music…

You can become a composer for artists and musicians alike. This profession’s beauty is that you can work for several artists or under one management, depending on the kind of agreement that you enter with them. Some composers choose to work freelance instead of being tied to one contract.

Composers can create musical scores and arrangements for film, television, theater, or video games. Becoming a composer can be a great career path for you, especially if you enjoy playing several instruments and have a good ear for sounds.

You can also become a lyricist if your love for music flows out through words. Your lyrics can be sung by various artists and reach a wide audience if you know how to play your cards right. If you can create melodies for your lyrics, you can be a songwriter as well.

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If you like making music…

You can become a music producer. Working as a producer will mean that you work closely with recording artists and audio recording engineers to produce music for commercial purposes. This can include the overall production, from recording sessions and finalizing songs to contacting potential artists and negotiating contracts.

Becoming a music producer also means that you’re responsible for the final mixing and editing of records before they are released for public consumption. This is a great career path for you if you enjoy witnessing the behind-the-scenes and the production side of the music industry.

If you like performing music…

You can become a professional musician or join an orchestra. You can also try your luck at applying to become a singer or a recording artist through different agencies and managers. Another career that involves performing music is by becoming a back-up singer for a famous artist.

If your instrument is your voice, being a singer or offering your vocal range to back-up other singers can be the path for you. You can be performing in concerts and tours, depending on the fan base you can amass in your time in the industry.

But if you prefer to play an instrument, you can begin a band or join an orchestra. You might have to interview other musicians before you can be a band, and you might need to audition to join an orchestra. Still, both career paths can be perfect to showcase your instrumental skills and vigor.

There is an abundance of opportunities waiting for you in the melodic universe of music. All you have to do is let it flow through you so that it can lead you to greater things. Turn your hobby or passion into a lifelong mission that is both rewarding and profitable.

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