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After the Divorce: Your Family and Business

No one ever said that going through a divorce would be easy, but what about when that divorce starts to affect your family business? Suddenly, you have to deal with two very complex and emotional situations simultaneously. You have to worry about yourself and your well-being, but you also have to think about the future

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What to Remember When Splitting with Your Spouse

There are many reasons why marriages end in divorce. Some couples grow apart, while others have difficulty dealing with marital problems. It might seem like a simple solution, but the process will be one of the most challenging and exhausting points of your life if it happens. When splitting from your spouse, the first thing

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Four Things to do After Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcies in the United States have been on the rise in recent years. In 2020, about 500,000 Americans filed for bankruptcy. However, this was a decrease compared to the years before, and many attribute this to the robust policies implemented during the pandemic. Several factors can contribute to someone filing for bankruptcy. For example, job loss, medical

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Six Essential Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Tenant

Renting a home is much more common in the United States than in other parts. About 100 million American households rent their homes. However, the number of homeowners is still higher among renters in the country, but by just a margin. There are several reasons why renting is so prevalent in the United States. It can be

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8 Step Financial Planning Before You Buy Dream Home

If you are thinking about buying a new home, congratulations! You’ve already come so far in your journey to finding the perfect living environment for yourself and your family. But before moving forward, there are some things you need to get done first. In this article, we’ve created a list of 8 financial planning steps

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What You Should Do When You Get Injured at Work

The workplace should be a haven for employees. However, many are injured due to the negligence of their employer or co-workers. Three important steps must be taken when you have been injured at work. Seek Medical Attention First, seek medical attention immediately after being injured. After being provided emergency treatment, see a doctor for further care

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Managing a Romantic Separation When There’s a Business Involved

Breakups are never fun, even if both sides are accepting of the situation. The separation can become even more tumultuous if there is a shared business—and kids!—involved. If you and your significant other are breaking up but share and run a business together, here are some legal pointers and practical tips to help make this life change

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Managing Finances in a Divorce: Know Your Rights

The entire process of a divorce is emotionally draining. It is also financially draining. To ensure that you are adequately protected, hire a divorce lawyer and financial adviser you can trust. If you have children, it is also essential to hire a child support attorney. Data from NOLO shows that the average cost of a

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How Much It Will Cost You if You Are Arrested

Following the law is just a decent way to live. If everyone followed all of the rules, lawyers wouldn’t have a job, so attorneys are a bit torn here. Today, you might want to consider something that most law-abiding people never think. How much would it cost you if you were arrested? The explanation is

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How Technology Turned Out to Be a Gold Mine in Several Industries

Technology plays an important role in businesses unless your business has been running since 1725 and can still operate using the old ways. But to adapt to changes and keep with the times, almost all industries are incorporating technology into their work. Regardless of the size of the enterprise, technology helps bring in more money and meet

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