Creating a Compelling In-Store Experience for Your Customers

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In-store engagement is just as crucial as online traffic.

While virtual shopping is now the new norm, in-store shopping never lost its charm. Almost seventy percent of purchasing decisions are still made inside physical stores. Consumers still prefer brick-and-mortar shopping because they can experience the product before checkout. Plus, in-store shopping provides customers with so-called instant gratification. They don’t have to wait four days before they get their hands on a new wristwatch or the latest pair of kicks.

That’s why in-store traffic is a critical element in optimizing a business. So, here are six effective strategies to increase customer engagement in your retail stores:

Opt for an Open Floor Layout

Store layout plays a crucial role in leveraging your in-store traffic. When choosing a floor plan, you must consider the type of product or service you provide.

For self-service enterprises, a diagonal floor plan is the most ideal. It establishes open traffic flow for customers, allowing them more in-store movement. Aside from that, a diagonal floor design also provides an unobstructed view of racks and counters.

For upscale specialty stores, an angular floor plan is the most suitable choice. This floor plan consists of round shaped and soft curves, creating a spacious area for customer movement. An angular layout provides a more limited display space, which is perfect for boutiques with small inventories.

For apparel businesses, a geometric floor plan is an interesting pick. While it allows a restricted flow of traffic, it provides a maximum display size for customers.

Also, when remodeling your store layout, don’t forget to choose a high-quality floor coating. When it comes to increasing foot traffic, you should always put a premium on the floor quality of your physical store.

Use a Product Placement Strategy

One of the most effective ways to remarkably boost in-store traffic is the strategic placement of products.

Placing expensive products at the front of the store can intimidate your customers and prevent them from exploring the aisles of your store. You have to put your most affordable items near the entrance to encourage your customers to set foot into your boutique.

Another trick to increase in-store traffic is to put your best-selling products in areas with the least traffic flow. That is a great way to distribute the amount of customer flow in your store. This strategy is also an effective method to guide your customers into discovering less popular options on your inventory.

Cash In On In-Store Representatives

If you want to attract customers to enter your physical store, employ outstanding in-store experts. Whether you offer beauty products, electronic gadgets, or home appliances, hiring knowledgeable representatives can surely strengthen your in-store engagement.

Customers prefer stores where their needs are accommodated. With their extensive knowledge about your products and services, in-store experts can provide tailored recommendations to your customers. By employing this strategy, you can gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. When customers see that you make an effort to provide the best quality of customer service, they won’t think twice to march right into your store.

Send Mobile Notifications

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To increase your in-store traffic, you have to know how to cash in on technology.

Nowadays, retailers make use of apps, emails, and text messages to invite customers to visit their stores. They contact their consumers to inform them about the latest releases, flash sales, and exclusive promotions. Popular brands such as Aeropostale, Old Navy, and Lush utilize this marketing effective tactic. By penetrating their mobile devices, these brands can directly communicate messages to their consumers and drive traffic into their stores.

If you want to encourage consumers to drop by your store, send weekly alerts or push notifications via their mobile devices. Let your customers know what’s in store for them when they set foot into your boutique.

Invest in Electronic Displays

Create engaging in-store experiences for your customers through the use of touch-screen technology. Incorporating interactive displays and digital solutions is a powerful way to drive traffic into your store.

Eighty-seven percent of customers believe that interactive in-store technologies are the most compelling physical feature of a boutique. You can use touch-screen displays to show your digital catalogs, store locations, list of inventory, or upcoming releases. By utilizing engaging electronic props, you can draw people into your store out of sheer curiosity and wonder.

Host Exciting Events

Mounting exciting events inside your physical store is a great tool to boost customer engagement. By hosting in-store events, you can increase your foot traffic by at least 14%.

When people see the festivities inside your boutique, it will drive them to pay a visit to your store. You can hold events when launching new products, announcing collaborations, and unveiling brand ambassadors. You can also invite celebrities and influencers as this would compel more people to take part in your event. To put it simply, if you want to boost in-store traffic, you have to know how to pique the interest of your customers.

Indeed, increasing your in-store traffic is a critical component in boosting your sales. So by following these strategies, you can encourage more people to explore the aisles of your store and discover the great things you have in store for them.

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