Front Yard Design and Landscaping Ideas to Increase Property Value

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If we don’t take care of our homes, they will deteriorate. That is a basic principle in homeownership—and one that we cannot ignore if we want our properties to increase in value over time. One of the things that homeowners need to take more care of is the curb appeal, or how a home and its surroundings look when they are viewed from the street.   Something about the home’s exteriors needs to look appealing and attractive, especially if the property is for sale or about to be rented out. Landscaping and gardening can also play a big part in this.

Homeowners who want to increase the value of their properties need to mind their front yard and overall exteriors. Here are some design and landscaping ideas to consider:

Cleanliness makes a world of a difference

Homeowners need to ensure that their front yards are clean at all times. It’s especially difficult to garden or incorporate visually pleasing design elements if the property is filled with weeds and dried leaves, or if there are leftover items from when the kids were playing. Here is a quick checklist for cleaning up the yard and the home’s overall exteriors, especially during the spring:

  • Remove all types of green waste, like refuse, from your planting beds and grass
  • Consider consulting a specialist to get rid of pests and weeds
  • Prune the shrubs, trim the trees, and remove dead leaves and twigs
  • Have your residential garage doors and their openers replaced if they have not been maintained in a long time
  • Check your exterior walls and concrete walkways for hairline cracks and other minor damages
  • Replace broken windows

These are just some small ways you can instantly improve the appearance of your front yard and your home’s exteriors, so make sure to do these things as soon as winter passes.

Consider adding window boxes

If you think your home’s windows need a little pizzazz, consider adding some window boxes filled with plants and eventually, flowers. It’s one of the easiest ways to incorporate some interest into your home’s front yard because floral plants can instantly liven up a home’s entryway. Make sure to use a combination of annual and perennial flowers to add a pop of color to an otherwise mostly green front yard. A floral window box is a perfect way to usher in spring, too.

Start with potted plants

If the idea of landscaping or gardening the front yard is intimidating, especially if you’re a beginner, start with potted plants. Begin your journey with succulents and work your way to other more high-maintenance plants, like rubber trees. You can begin with a combination of indoor and outdoor plants so that you beautify not just your exteriors but your interiors, too. Add the outdoor potted plants to your entryway to add interest as people walk to your door.

Explore hanging plants

Another way to make your exteriors look whimsical and romantic is by adding hanging plants or a vertical garden, especially if you’re using plants that look like vines. This is an especially helpful idea if you’re trying to hide a damaged or ugly wall, mailbox, or fence. Ivy is always a go-to for plant lovers, but if you find it too common, you can look for other types, like trellises.

Add a modern flower bed

One thing you cannot neglect when doing your landscaping is your home’s natural architecture. If it’s modern or contemporary, then a cottagecore-looking garden might look too out of place for the home you built. Make sure that your choices for your garden and landscaping complement your home.

For more modern or contemporary homes, an industrial flower bed might be the best option. A cinder block planter need not look boring or too utilitarian—by adding small boxes filled with succulents beside a bigger box, you can create texture, layers, and so much interest. It’s clean and simple, but it looks incredibly modern and complements a home with clean lines as well.

Plant a rain garden

Homeowners that live in an area that’s prone to storms can also benefit greatly from a rain garden. They are easy to build and maintain, and they can direct rainwater out of the home, too. Build a rain garden filled with gorgeous flowers to start conversations with your guests about environmentally responsible gardening and landscaping.

Our front yard can make or break other people’s first impressions of our homes. Let 2022 be the year we spend more time on making it as beautiful as it can be, not just to increase the value of our home, but also to make ourselves feel good.

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