How Can PBX Solutions Help BPO Startups


Call centers or business process outsourcing companies have a very complex environment. These companies are interconnected to their offshore offices in the Philippines, Australia, or India. To be able to monitor their teams and manage thousands of calls coming and outgoing simultaneously, they need a reliable PBX solution.

BPO companies employ individuals to do special tasks and work systematically at the same time. Most of the tasks are conducted over the phone, and phone systems have become the industry’s most critical assets.

BPO Companies and Customized Phone Systems

Not all BPO companies are created the same; they vary in all shapes and sizes. They benefit from a robust and scalable contact center infrastructure, so they have to partner with phone systems providers to meet their needs. VoIP and PBX systems providers usually create and build a specialized infrastructure that will support the company’s model and adapt to their specific objectives. Some have large PBX networks, while SMEs have small business PBX solutions. These phone systems ensure the company’s productivity, efficiency, and interconnectivity with partner companies and customers.

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Inbound Call Center Operations

Phone systems are crucially important for inbound call center operations. Usually, a customer is endorsed to an automated attendant. This is an automation system that engages the callers by collecting their information and routes them to the appropriate department. This is different from the usual telephone systems using switchboard operation. An automated attendant system utilizes speech recognition for customers to communicate with a computer program. The system generates answers based on a database.

This PBX solution helps eliminate the need to hold and queue calls. Customers have a shorter waiting period and better customer satisfaction. The system will simply route calls to a representative when a customer needs more guidance. This kind of phone system optimizes the customer representative’s time and ensures that each caller’s concerns are attended to.

For Outbound Calls

To facilitate inbound and outgoing calls at the same time, a contact center infrastructure has several requirements from their PBX and VoIP phone systems. It must have adequate data storage, bandwidth, and an intuitive web interface consistent with the company’s platforms. For voice, data, mobile and outbound calls, the company should be able to utilize a full phone system yet minimize telephony costs.  This is very important for businesses to generate leads and make more sales with each outbound call that they make.

PBX systems and VoIP telephone systems are an essential part of a BPO company for them to provide customized and efficient customer services. They are more than just a system for answering and making calls. A company goes beyond team monitoring from offshore offices. Most of the time, customer service calls are also directed from various parts of the world.

Answering phone calls

All these complexities and various services provided by call centers warrant a telephone system that will be up to the challenge. It should meet all the company’s need for optimum performance, flexibility, scalability, ease of access, and cost-effectiveness. It is only through the provision of these and more can a BPO company make the most out of its PBX telephone system. This is especially true for those who are just starting out in this very competitive business.

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