Hustle with Intention: Build a Career that Matters to You

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Generation Me can be considered the lazy generation, but they are not in this situation just because they choose to be. The truth is, they have grown up with high expectations from everyone around them, and they have been told they needed to choose one path if they wanted to be happy. The problem with this is when they don’t feel content with their job, they think they are already a failure.

That should not be the case in a time when young adults are willing to put in the work and, if they persevere, they can create a unique job description for themselves.

Aspiring to be Rich

Baby Boomers are quick to tell the younger generations that when they were in their 30s, they already had a family, a stable job, a house, and some savings stashed away. They judge those who still live with their parents and who leave their job when they don’t feel content with everything they are getting. They think Generation Me is a generation that cannot be happy even with everything given to them on a silver platter. The reality, however, is that young adults are struggling to fit in, and though they might have a high-paying job, the cost of living has risen significantly that they might still need signature loans every once in a while. This is hardly a good measure of their success, especially if we are using metrics that are a few decades old.

The Popularity Contest

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Young adults of today are embroiled in a deep-seated internal struggle that seems to see no end. They are more assertive and confident, but they are also miserable. They work overtime most nights, giving rise to the hustle culture. It’s almost like they need to justify the long hours and convince themselves they love not having enough sleep all for the sake of the next paycheck. This is not how young adults should build their life.

You can be struggling financially but happy with your relationships, as opposed to happily fighting for your job. To get there, you first need to understand that you don’t need to settle for one career for the rest of your life.

Not for Naught

So you want to quit your job in your 30s to start in a field you have always wanted but never thought accessible. Education is more accommodating now with the presence of online courses, and the skills you have acquired from your previous job can still be handy one way or another. You can even continue working part-time in your previous field while you pursue your true passion. You are not starting from scratch even if you have to find an entry-level job in a new industry. You are a collection of your experiences, and through all your years in the workforce, you have gathered plenty of useful information.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what position you hold in your day job. As long as you’re doing things that make you happy, you will feel fulfilled. So, forget the mindless hustle and instead, hustle with intention.

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