Inexpensive Ideas with the Highest Returns for Direct Marketing

Direct marketing strategy

Marketing is one of the cornerstones of a successful business. After all, you will not achieve much if your target clients know nothing about your service or products. Unlike in the past, there are millions of channels for reaching potential customers. Most clients are looking for a service or product that directly solves their problems. Mass marketing fails in today’s world because it does not allow businesses to target customers based on their habits or needs.

If your business still depends on traditional marketing methods, your best bet lies in direct marketing services by a seasoned company. Direct marketing involves promotional methods that present information to clients without an intermediary. The information, in this case, is only presented to a target client. This is a potential customer who, through various methods, has been proven to be the most likely to invest in your company. The primary goal of direct marketing is to increase awareness of your products and services or educate the market on the same.

While several avenues for this form of marketing exist, the following are the most inexpensive direct marketing ideas that still guarantee some of the highest returns.

Corporate Identity Packages

This is primarily what most people will think of when they hear about branding. Though corporate identity packages do not have as much luster as other branding campaigns, they guarantee repeated exposure to your brand and, consequently, a successful campaign. Most packages include business cards, envelopes, brochures, presentation folders, and letterheads. Each of these carries your company’s image and emphasize your message.

Direct Mail Campaigns

These are among the most powerful of direct marketing methods since they place your message right in a client’s hand. Direct mails can be anything from flyers, sales letters, catalogs, and postcards. Direct mail marketing campaigns that achieve the highest returns are repeated ones. If a client does not respond as you would like the first time, the mail can act as a reinforcer for your subsequent efforts. There is nonetheless a thin line between frequent mailing and coming across as spamming. Your direct marketing agent will aim for a balance to avoid your being seen as a spammer and a desperate company.

Point-Of-Sale Displays

POS display takeaways like menus, brochures, and coupon books boost your marketing efforts since clients voluntarily pick them up for future reference. The displays should be attention-grabbing to stand out and should be strategically placed without looking too imposing. POS displays are sure to remain in a client’s possession for a long time more so when they include tips for handling everyday issues.

Customer Referral Programs

Phone call concept

People trust peer recommendations more than the flashiest of adverts. You can have a customer referral program in place through which clients can refer others looking for what you offer. To further boost the odds of getting a referral, offer an incentive like discounts, reward points, or gifts for those who refer others to you successfully.

Mass marketing campaigns might seem cheaper than the above direct marketing options, but they are far from it. This is because direct marketing is only focused on a small group that is most likely to invest in your business. This negates the high costs of mass production and distribution of marketing materials.

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