Mind-nourishing Activities to Engage in While in Quarantine

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It’s disheartening to see that the virus is still spreading rapidly in the U.S. and other countries. While cities remain open and many businesses still operate as usual, we’re still advised to stay home as much as possible to flatten the curve until a vaccine is released.

But being in quarantine can be lonely, boring, and just as stressful. Many workers aren’t used to being with their families or roommates 24/7. Spouses are arguing, children are becoming confused, and the house is getting dirty. Pets, meanwhile, are having the time of their lives.

And since work and other responsibilities don’t stop just because of a pandemic, it’s hard to pay attention to the opportunities already in front us: time with family, self-care, and rest.

Hence, let’s gather all the mind-nourishing activities we can engage in while we’re at home.

1. Find a New Hobby

You may have noticed that since the quarantine, many people suddenly started baking, cooking, and gardening. Before the pandemic, these hobbies seemed trivial, but now, they’re keeping many individuals entertained and balanced.

Hence, if you also find yourself with nothing to do after working, find an activity that you enjoy. Maybe you have a golden voice, and it’s about time to bring your outstanding voice lessons to use. Create a Youtube channel and upload covers. That’ll be a good way to showcase your talent, and potentially earn money from it.

Other enjoyable and calming hobbies include journal writing, knitting, doing your makeup, and tie-dyeing. Trust that your friends will be eager to see that you’re enjoying a new hobby. It will stimulate support and a sense of community that we’ve all probably forgotten when the world was still running normally.

2. Play with Your Pets

Since it’s your furbabies benefiting the most from the quarantine, make time for them as much as you can. But like you, they can also be bored without their regular walks. So keep them entertained by buying them toys, or teaching them tricks. Being at home is the best time to bond with them, so don’t just leave them aside and go about your day.

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3. Engage in a New Fitness Routine

Fitness videos and challenges hit the internet by storm when the quarantines started. Consider this a sign to get back in shape, or to train your strength.

Try yoga so you can combine exercise with relaxation. It is known for its stress-relieving benefits, and it will improve your flexibility, which can stimulate a sense of accomplishment.

4. Catch up on Your Reading

If the last time you held a book was years ago, now’s the best time to start flipping pages again. Self-help books can ease your anxiety, and make you discover new things about yourself. On the other hand, fiction, such as romance and sci-fi, can invoke thrill and a sense of being on an adventure.

5. Get Therapy

Rest and self-care are just as important as family time. If your mental health is already on the verge of hitting rock-bottom, consult a therapist online. It’ll supply you with the rest and self-care that you need.

Depending on your condition, your therapist may recommend various techniques to improve your mental health. You may be encouraged to “disconnect to connect”, meaning disconnecting from everything around you, so you can connect with your inner self. Saba Harouni Lurie, L.M.F.T., founder of Take Root Therapy, says that quarantine offers an opportunity to listen to our bodies and feelings.

Physical activities like the ones mentioned are also effective in improving mental health. According to Lynell Ross, certified health and wellness coach, and founder of online health platform Zivadream, taking care of our physical health contributes to our mental health. Therefore, exercise your creativity, get fit, and bond with your loved ones. When the pandemic is over, you may just find yourself as a stronger and loving individual.

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