Out-of-the-Box Hobbies to Pass the Time


So, like the millions of people around the globe you’re stuck at home. At first, you thought it was going to be easy, with all this free time. It doesn’t take long before you find out that all those Netflix shows, social media trends, and even your collection of novels just won’t cut it.

Don’t worry, staying at home doesn’t have to only involve those things. There are a lot of activities you can do that are more fun, productive, and time-consuming than all of those.

In fact, these activities are so enjoyable you’re sure to keep doing them even after this outbreak is gone.

Work with Wood

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need much to start woodworking. You don’t even need a workshop. Anywhere is fine, as long as you clean up! Although you can’t really use a 14-inch band saw there, handheld tools or benchtop ones will get the job done too. Popular Mechanics made a nice list of saws, stands, and presses you can use in small spaces.

You can also try woodturning. Even a small desktop lathe can do wonders for you. If you’re not familiar with woodturning, here’s a helpful article on Instructables to help you out.

Take Up Origami

origami planes

You likely already know what origami is. You can probably do a couple of figures already. But did you know that its origins date back to around 160 AD? Back then paper folding was only done for ceremonial purposes which are often religious in nature. There’s even a belief that you can make a wish after folding 1000 paper cranes.

This is the easiest one on this list because all you need is paper – and a ton of patience. Origami designs range from ‘even a child could do it’ to ‘whoa! That’s paper?!’ For your own sake, start with the easiest and make your way to the more difficult ones.

Maybe you can wish this pandemic away too.

Start an (Apiary) Beehive

There is an ongoing decline in the population of honeybees around the world. And like what Einstein supposedly said, if bees disappeared, humans will die out in four years. There’s no proof that he actually said that, according to Forbes, but it’s probably true. Anyway, the colony collapse disorder (CCD) has bee populations dwindling.

You’ll need a few things to start your own apiary: a smoker, veil, hive tool, bee brush, top feeder, spray bottle, queen catcher, bottom board, queen muff, and the beehives themselves. Of course, you’ll eventually want to get some honey, too. You can easily buy honeybee extractors for that.

That may look like a lot, but an apiary is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can take up. Plus, you’ll be helping out old mother nature.

Revive Old Tech

According to Popular Science, Americans produce around 44 pounds of electronic waste per person, every year. These old tech items can add up quickly. And now that you’ve probably begun spring cleaning, it would be nice to revive some of those pre-loved, but now useless, stuff.

There are so many guides online to help you breathe life into everything from 50s radios to 20-year-old computers. Most of the time, you can find some old parts on the internet too. There’s even a market for these kinds of electronics, especially if their exterior is pristine.

Stop streaming videos and try any one of these out-of-the-box hobbies. Enjoy!

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