Personal and Business Lessons in 2020: Three Things That Will Help You Survive

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As the months stretch with no guarantee of a vaccine being distributed soon, the coronavirus feels like it’ll be here to stay for a while longer. It was no joke saying goodbye to your old lifestyle and shaping a new one that fits the new normal, and you’re understandably relieved to settle in finally.

As you reflect on the months that have past, you’ll undoubtedly come across important lessons that changed your worldview. It’s essential to sift through them now that 2020 is coming to a close, because they may be exactly what you need to bounce back in 2021. Sanitation and hygiene aside, there are three particular lessons that came with living in a time of pandemic you should treasure for the years to come.

Liking Your Own Company

A lot of people are scared of the prospect of isolation, primarily because they don’t like their own company. With little to no social contact available during quarantine, however, you were likely forced to find peace within yourself and be your own friend.

This is one of the greatest things you would’ve achieved this year because liking your own company is the key to self-fulfillment and wellbeing. Now that you’re not as dependent on other people, you can establish healthier relationships and leave those that are toxic. Speaking of relationships, you’re starting to build a healthy one with yourself. This means knowing what pushes your buttons and dealing with them, as well as appreciating your body for staying strong in the midst of a global health crisis.

Being Accountable

Remote work and distance learning forced you to be more accountable for your career, time, and personal goals. You started exploring methods to improve your time management skills, and you’re able to squeeze in your hobbies before and after work.

It’s worth noting that the absence of your usual social activities made way for old passions. If you’ve always been musically inclined, some of your few trips out of the house could include your weekly piano or music lessons. More than a hobby, you’re pursuing music because you know you’re accountable for your happiness, and it’s largely up to you whether you spend time on things that lift you up or pull you down.

Taking control of your life this way can be scary, but knowing that you are capable of it is empowering. Regardless if things go back to normal or not in 2021, you’re sure that you can steer your life in the direction of your choice.

Understanding Technology

It’s been said before, but you didn’t believe it. Technology is the future, and you should keep up with it if you want to succeed.

Those who weren’t techy now know exactly what to do when their Zoom meeting gets hacked, or their microphone isn’t working. Remote work and distance learning forced you to learn troubleshooting methods and advanced skills to accommodate your new lifestyle. After all, your career depended on it, and there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to keep it going in spite of the pandemic.

The next time you’re presented with an opportunity to understand and appreciate the latest advancement in technology, there’s no way you’re missing out. Being hands-on and in-the-know keep you afloat now and possibly for the rest of your life.

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Better in the future

2020 sure had its way of making you a more competent and formidable person in the coming decade. There are still many things you need to learn, but take the time to honor your progress in spite of the hardships you faced. Simply liking your own company, being accountable for your happiness, and befriending technology are milestones worth celebrating.

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