Protecting Your Gadgets From Impact Damage

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Gadgets aren’t cheap, and so it’s only natural for us to be protective of them, especially when they’re brand new. But after a considerable amount of time, we tend to neglect caring for them anymore, as evidenced by a lot of us who own an iPhone with a smashed screen.

Maintaining our gadgets tells something about our responsibility. Imagine meeting someone for the first time, and noticing that the smartphone, laptop, or tablet they use for work has a badly broken screen. Though we can’t judge their entire character from a broken screen alone, they’ll still likely strike us as a bit disorderly and careless, and we wouldn’t want to trust our gadgets with them.

It may not always be our fault why our gadgets fall and get damaged, but nonetheless, it’ll be more responsible of us to avoid dropping them as much as possible. Below are some ways to keep our gadgets protected against hard impact and damage.

1. Use a Screen Protector

When we buy a new mobile device, the first thing we must do is to apply a screen protector on it. Tempered glass is a good material. That way, the screen won’t immediately suffer scratches as you scroll, swipe, and type.

You can apply a screen protector yourself or go to a store that applies them for you for a small fee. Note that screen protectors aren’t immune to damage; they take the force of an impact so that your device’s screen beneath will stay unbroken when it falls. iPhone screen repair experts can be found in Salt Lake City and other areas, so just take your gadget to them once your screen protector has already fulfilled its hardest duty.

2. Keep them Away From Your Kids

Kids don’t just understand yet how expensive gadgets are, so if you leave your unprotected devices somewhere within their reach, they’d doubtlessly get excited and play with them. Hence, always keep your gadgets out of their sight, and give your kids age-appropriate toys that’ll endure their occasional roughness.

3. Use a Sturdy Case

phone cases

Shock-proof cases can be found in any gadget accessories store, but if they’re too bulky for you, choose something that’s sturdy enough to resist impact, at least. Preferably, your case should be a wrap-around type so that the back panel is also protected along with the screen. Be wary of plastic cases that are too cheap — there are certainly sturdier types around that are just as trendy in appearance!

4. Use a Padded Sleeve

If you tend to lay your laptop near a table’s edge or on an unstable surface, at least put them in a padded sleeve first. For added protection, choose a water-proof type, too, just in case your coffee or any drink topples over and spills on your laptop.

5. Buy a Waterproof Case

Nowadays, almost no one can swim anymore without their smartphones, for the sake of the gram. If you’re guilty of this, too, then you can definitely use a sturdy water-proof case. Be sure to select the ones with straps or laces, because you’d certainly be filming Instagram Stories while on a moving boat, too. Getting a water-proof case is still essential even if you own a waterproof device since those have a certain limit on how deep you can submerge them underwater.

With these key tips and products that’ll keep your precious gadgets protected, you’d get the most of the price of each and every gadget you own, maximize their service life, or even potentially retain their values if you decide to sell them later.

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