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Environmental conservation anywhere is incomplete if it lacks effective solid waste management. The more commercialized and industrialized a town is, the greater the solid waste challenges, as industries produce a lot of waste. Fortunately, there are various technological solutions available to help overcome this problem. No matter your industry, innovative technology can take over and change your way of doing business, including managing waste from your factory or plant every day.

Here is a closer look at several ways innovation promotes better waste management services in Utah and other states in the US:

1. Solar Power on Landfills

Most landfills cover tens of acres, meaning there could be millions of acres of unused spaces across the country. The solar generation has been touted as one of the best ways to make use of these spaces. RE-Powering America’s Land Initiative under the tutorage of EPA was established to further this agenda.

Utah, for instance, is a solar-rich region, so it should benefit immensely from such innovation. By setting up solar PV systems on the landfills across the state, a lot of energy can be harnessed from the sun. That’s a rather good use of a huge land sitting idly — a land that only serves as a waste dump.

2. Waste Conversion to Energy

The waste industry is adopting the idea of converting waste into power. Some types of waste can be turned into actual power using machines called “digesters.” Waste items that often qualify for this process are agricultural, animal, and food waste. Similarly, some products can be transformed into usable options using heat and pressure. Examples of such products are oils, chemicals, and fertilizers.

3. Modern Management Methods

Solid waste management companies can take advantage of sensor technology that sends out alerts when waste bins are full and need attention. Screening technologies have also evolved immensely to the point that recyclables can be sorted effectively and quickly. These technologies don’t only reduce work but also increase recycling rates.

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4. Innovative Precious Metal Recycling Methods

Precious metals are central to many industries for manufacturing various products. Palladium, iridium, and platinum are just a few of the metals that act as catalysts for chemical, automotive and other crucial sectors. Today, these industries use exciting technologies to recycle these precious metals and meet the growing demand for them. With plasma cutting and other technologies, the industry players can avoid the need for mining by giving a new lease of life to the expensive solid waste, instead.

5. Route Efficiency Enhancement

Waste removal companies in Utah also enjoy higher efficiency in their operations, thanks to technological advancement. For instance, software solutions allow for easier planning of routes used by solid waste trucks. This way, the companies achieve higher fuel efficiency and less energy consumption, which is good for their bottom line and the environment.

Solutions such as these help business improve their operation from all facets in terms of reliability, sustainability, and quality. As scientists, engineers, and the likes continue to research and develop more solutions; your business may want to try employing some of the existing technologies.

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