Stress Relief: Can Your Old PC, If Updated, Run Modern Games?


Old PC desktop towers are sort of relic in many households. These were at the mountaintop 10, 15 years ago. If you had a computer before, you weren’t talking about a Macbook or a Chromebook or an Ultrabook. You were talking about a fat CRT monitor, with a screen protector, a desktop tower with an off-white (or just a dirty, dirty version of white) color, a mouse with a mouse ball, and a keyboard that’s neither mechanical nor membrane.

Those were the good old days. Old-timers had their first experience of multiplayer gaming in those workhorses. It may have something to do with their poor eyesight, but the memories of Quake Tournament and early World of Warcraft days are crystal clear. Those LAN parties, which are rare now, were forever. It’s good to reminisce.

It’s also a good way for you to get started on PC gaming. These may be old, but if you’re starting on the cheap, this is a baptism of fire that will gain you a special place in the world of PC gaming.

Do This Right

These old desktop computers deserve all the respect. These were the OG computers, and the first DIYers toiled on making PCs in this form factor. If you’re going to revamp an old Dell, HP, or Compaq computer, do it right. Your uncle, dad or whoever owned that tower had a lot of memories with it. Now that you’re making your own, give this the care it needs.

First off, you need to know its limitations. An old motherboard can’t use a modern GPU, and you’re probably stuck with the CPU that came with the PC. But, to play games like Counter Strike, Warzone and Fortnite, you don’t need much power to push high framerates. What you can do is get decent peripherals. A high-refresh-rate IPS panel, gaming mechanical keyboard and wireless mouse will improve your gaming experience on this dated machine.


As for upgrades, this may be something you can take to a technician. You may need professional computer repairs to install some aftermarket parts like new RAM or a more capable PSU. There’s plenty enough whether you’re from Northwest Calgary or Upper East Side in New York, and these guys know what they need to do to revamp old PCs. They know where to look and what to look for, so their input is valuable. It’s especially valuable if this is the first time you’re trying to update an old PC. Creating new PCs is tricky enough; updating an old PC tower is no joke as well. It has pushed veteran builders to the edge, so make sure to get all the help you can get.

Speaking of New PCs

If you decide to build a new PC altogether, just know that things are going to be much easier. Not as satisfying as pushing a 10-year-old PC to run 60 FPS on modern games, but at least you’ll keep your headaches at a minimum. Of course, there are also taking advantage of modern tech and being able to future-proof your computer for future upgrades. There are merits in both ways, you just need to find what suits you the best.

There’s real love in PC gaming. You build a brand-new system with modern components or refurbish an old tower, it takes love and patience to get it right. But, whoever you are, you’ll certainly get a kick out of an old workhorse of a PC breathing life into modern games.

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