Take Extra Care When Studying in a Touristy Country

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Studying abroad is a privilege. Most people do not get to earn an education, taste authentic international cuisines, and learn about new cultures at the same time. This notion could not be truer than getting a degree in a region full of popular attractions.

Being an international student naturally makes you a tourist, so forgoing this chance is a waste of a wonderful opportunity to experience the world. However, understand that the good may also come with the bad. Not exercising due diligence, like skipping adequate international student health insurance, can put you in an undesirable situation. Below are the dangers of studying in a region with irresistible tourist destinations.

Explore Attractions Alone

Part of being a student is trying to be independent. Solo traveling can be fulfilling, for it can test the strength of your character. Some people want to visit places in groups, while others love the challenge of backpacking alone. If you belong to the latter kind of travelers, you ought to be extra cautious.

Do you know that some of the most magnetic locations are also the most dangerous to foreigners? Prime examples are countries in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

There is nothing wrong with proving yourself that you can survive a foreign country without anyone’s help. If you wish to take this route, though, be extra careful. Some of the biggest mistakes international student travelers make are being vocal about where they are staying and taking sketchy cabs.

You can travel safely even in the least stable locations, but you have to use your common sense all the time. Crimes can happen anywhere, so you have to watch your back wherever you go.

You Might Rub the Locals the Wrong Way


As a good general rule, engage with the locals when traveling. More often than not, they will be happy to help you if you ask nicely.

But then again, being nice is one thing, and being offensive is another. Be aware of the norms observed in a particular location to avoid coming off as rude or insensitive. Not knowing what may annoy locals is not an excuse when you upset others while you travel. It is your job to do your research to understand the do’s and don’ts, such as bad gestures and inappropriate clothing, in a particular country.

Arrive at New Locations During Wee Hours

International students usually want to travel on a budget, so you are forgiven if you try to save every penny you have to avoid draining your finances. However, you can never put a price on safety.

A good case in point is choosing cheap flights even if it means reaching an unfamiliar city during off hours. You are in luck if the said city never sleeps, but most streets in the world are more dangerous late at night.

Try Extreme Activities

Exploring exciting locations at a young age can feel liberating, but you should still calculate the risks you will take. Being a daredevil is different from being a careless adventurer.

The life of a foreign student in a touristy region can be exhilarating. Make the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, but always think about your safety as you leave for parts unknown.

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