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If there’s one thing you need to understand well as a new entrepreneur, it should be the fact that the people around you can make or break your success. It’s important to embrace this truth as early as now because of two reasons.

One, it reminds you that you can never do things alone. Entrepreneurs, especially those who have type A personality, tend to take over everything in their business to the point of sheer burnout. If you’re only starting and you’re already exhausted to the core, chances are you won’t get to the finish line and see your success.

The second reason is this: given that people can make or break your business, you have to be extra discerning when it comes to picking your team. You want to look for only the best in the market. Here are the types of people you should be working with when starting a business.


While everyone in your team should catch your vision for the business, there should be those who are consistently full of dreams and aspirations for your organization. You need these people because they’re the ones who can help you sharpen long-term ambitions and goals, perhaps even expand the horizons further to reach new heights.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of the daily grind and lose sight of the big picture, so you want these people to stick around and remind you and other employees of your big dreams. Visionaries, however, aren’t just helpful for the good times. They also keep everyone propped up when the going gets tough.

Because they’re visionaries, they see through the challenges and obstacles. So they get to influence you to hold on to the dream even if it’s so far off. In specifics, you want investors and business partners to be visionaries.


There are lots of areas in your business that require a specific kind of knowledge. For instance, if you’re in the tech industry, you’ll need people who have mastered software development or prototype testing. If you’re in the cosmetics industry, you need experts at product formulation and artwork design.

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Of course, there are also aspects that aren’t necessarily industry-specific, such as bookkeeping. You need accountants who have expertise in monitoring finances and looking for ways in growing the bottom line. Contracts and licenses are also a specialized area to keep an eye on. You need a business attorney in Salt Lake City to make sure that these formal documents are well prepared.


Good communication is very much important in startups. Not only to ensure that everyone’s on the same page on tasks but also to maintain good working relationships. You want people who can relay and receive instructions well. Those who can smooth out conflicts and navigate difficult relationships. Those who can bridge differences among various teams.

You want communicators to move from internal to external, improving messaging in a way that will appeal to your target audience. So, find employees who are good communicators, both in the verbal and written aspects. In specifics, you want your HR director and marketing specialists to be expert in this aspect.

The people around you are predictors of your business success. So again, be strategic in building your team. And remember not to try to do things all by yourself. Trust the people you carefully picked.

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