Three Ideas To Ignite Your Child’s Critical Thinking


Every parent wants their children to thrive, even when they’re young. But apparently, there are no manuals about child-rearing and ensuring their future success. Should you teach your child Science? Should she learn more than three languages? These are excellent ideas. However, they aren’t enough.

To ensure that your child’s mind can absorb new information quickly and respond to complex challenges, developing critical thinking skills is necessary. But how do you encourage your child to think critically at such an early age? ;

Spark their curiosity

The first step that you need to help promote critical thinking is to spark their curiosity. Engage your child in real-world events and try to bring out the passion in them and their concern for others. Even more, First News Education says that it’ll also help them form their opinions on topics that will affect them.

While it seems like your child may have no interest in what’s going on around them, their point of view might surprise you. You can also ask them to find a news story related to their personal life. Have them create a short description of the topic and what the news means to them. By using their interests in your activities, you spark their curiosity. In doing so, you’re somehow urging them to find out more.

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Use role-play to encourage sympathy

One of the most crucial factors of critical thinking is assessing a concept from various points of view. It plays a vital role, especially when it comes to creating collaborative solutions. It also helps a child develop empathy. Doing so can help pave the way to understand other people’s opinions fully. For kids, learning empathy at a young age can help them understand the basics of teamwork skills.

By fusing critical thinking and empathy, kids can learn how to work harmoniously with each other. Thus, helping them build lasting relationships. Doing role plays can help kids get into characters. Even more, it also helps them realize what it’s like to be in other people’s shoes.

Teach them the value of independence

Most adults feel the need to jump in every time they see their kid solving problems. While most people often feel tempted to do their kid’s assignments, doing it for them doesn’t do any good. Instead, when you see your child figuring out a problem, please take it as an opportunity for them to learn how to become a critical thinker. You can also ask them questions to help them solve the problem themselves. Ted Talks says that nudging them to come up with solutions is an excellent way to teach them how to think for themselves. Please encourage them to choose the book related to their current subjects whenever you visit a bookshop in your city. Remember that your role is to listen and respond.

So, if you think that there’s anything that’s confusing them, try to break it down in a way that they’ll understand it. Keep in mind that critical thinking aids children in expanding beyond the things that they already know. It helps them better reflect on their own opinions and thoughts. Thus, helping them improve their gained knowledge. So, try to nurture their critical thinking as much as you can. Come up with activities that can help them solve problems efficiently.

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