Tips for Renting Portable Restrooms for Neighborhood Events


How many neighborhood events have you witnessed over the last months? Many, right? Now, besides such events being a place for bringing the community together, they could also present you with an ample opportunity to rent out portable restrooms, as discussed in the video. However, before you go rushing into this idea, you need to follow these tips;
1. Assess Your Needs
Seriously, spare some time to assess the specific needs of the event.

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It’s sensible if you take into consideration aspects like the number of attendees, the duration of the event, and any special requirements. Without a doubt, this type of information will help you determine how many portable restrooms you’ll need, plus what features they should have.
2. Research Rental Companies
Well, you’re into this idea to make profits, so it wouldn’t be wise if you choose a costly company which will eat into your profits. That way, step out and research rental companies around your area that offer reputable portable restroom services at a favorable fee. This will help you determine how much your profits will be after expenditures are taken care of.
3. Choose a Good Location
Wisely choose the locations where you’ll place these portable restrooms. You need an area that is close to the attendees but far away from the food and beverage areas. This way, you’ll guarantee accessibility to such restrooms. Moreover, place the portable restrooms on level grounds to avoid cases of toppling and also do proper lighting, especially if the event will run late into the night.
4. Communicate With Attendees
What problem will your portable restrooms solve if the attendees aren’t aware of their locations? None, right? So, communicate clearly about the location of these restrooms. You could include maps or signage. Or, include information about restrooms in the event’s communication.
5. Ensure They Stay Clean
These events attract all sorts of people, and with the mixing of foods, the restrooms can quickly become a mess if not regularly cleaned. Map out a time plan to clean the restrooms at specific intervals. Ideally, intervals of 15–20 minutes can be great. Again, this depends on the number of participants.
Renting portable restrooms at events can be a profitable business, no doubt. However, you have to ensure everything goes well by following these tips to avoid poor service delivery.

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