Unique Home Businesses: 5 Food Items to Make and Sell From Home

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People couldn’t live without food. That’s why food businesses are usually thriving. The demand for food will never wane, and that’s a good model for a business.

You might be thinking of getting into a food business that you can run at home. Just like you, many other people like to get into this venture at the convenience of their houses. It’s fun until you realize there is cutthroat competition.

This only means you have to choose the food items you should sell carefully. The following list will show you which food items you would most likely have less competition with. Check them out!


This might not sound “less known,”  but hear this out first. When you hear confectionery, you’d automatically think of candies and chocolate truffles. Well, that’s where you’re going to establish your sweet business venture. Some sweets are easy to make at home. You can easily dehydrate bananas and mangoes then turn them into chips.  Also, you can find chocolate cookies and vanilla fudge recipes online. What’s good about a confectionery business is it can give your clients a chance to customize their food. They can get add-ons for their desserts, like a scoop of gelato or an extra whipped cream icing. Another advantage of a confectionery business is that it targets several age groups. Who doesn’t love sweets? From kids to adults, sugar-filled snacks will never go out of style.


This billion-dollar market is a tedious process. However, most beekeepers find it very satisfying whenever they start to harvest honey. The first thing you have to do is, of course, learn how to start beekeeping in your backyard. There are classes you can attend if you’re really interested. Turn this hobby into a profitable business by investing in hives, smokers, and protective suits. And of course, you will need a honey extractor to pull this honey business off. Once you’ve learned the laborious part of beekeeping, you can start extracting honey. Strategize on branding and marketing. Research thoroughly on pricing and places where you can sell the product.

beer barrels

Homemade Beer

Alcoholic beverages are here to stay, forever. That’s why you can never go wrong if you choose to build a business by selling them. Beer is one of those beverages that you can definitely profit from. What’s best is that you can do your homemade beer too and make it a business. Just like other processes, you would have to learn how to do it. This venture won’t be possible without investing in everything you’ll need to make beer. You’ll need a fermenter, brewing kettle, siphons, and more. Extensive research is the key to execute this business venture smoothly. The next thing to do is focus on your beer’s flavor. Shop for flavor inducers such as Citra or Galaxy hops and learn more about aromas you can add to enhance your beer’s flavor.

Bugs as Snacks

Entomophagy or the practice of eating insects is nothing new. In fact, insects are a good source of protein. It might surprise you, but there’s a market for fried bugs, insects, and similar snacks. Most of them are people who miss these kinds of food back in their hometowns. Meanwhile, some just want to try eating bugs for the thrill. Either way, you can market your bug snacks to them. If you want to explore this business option, you might want to learn how to farm bugs and insects. The easiest ones that you can grow are mealworms. Then you can begin exploring other bugs and insects that you can find locally. It’s up to you to decide on the recipe.


Lastly, this Asian delicacy can also be done at home, and you can make money out of it. The low-cost production of tofu makes it a good choice for business. Plus, the process of making it is relatively easy. You can even find some doable recipes on YouTube. The part that you’re going to work on is the packaging and how you will market it. Aside from Asian food fans, the soybean-based delicacy can be marketed to vegans and vegetarians. It’s an excellent substitute for meat which can make it very appealing to people on plant-based diets.

Give some of these ideas a try and see if you will stand out among other food businesses. You want to make sure that you have little to no competition in your area. In case you do, just beat them with a perfect marketing strategy. Food businesses are always in demand; your success will just depend on your execution.

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