Use Letterpress Invitations for These 5 Occasions

Letterpress Invitations

Letterpress printing is one of the oldest forms of printing, dating back to the 1400s. For centuries, letterpress printing was the go-to method of printing books, pamphlets, and other types of literature. However, with the invention of the modern printing press, letterpress printing was sidelined for quite some time.

Fortunately, this printing method has seen a resurgence in recent years and is once again being used to print various materials such as letterpress custom invitations. These days, you can see quite a multitude of such invitations being given to people. The sheer history behind and the elegance of a letterpress invitation make it a popular choice for people who wish to celebrate important occasions in their lives.

In addition, they are quite affordable for their quality, contrary to what many people believe. This will allow you to order large quantities if you plan to invite a lot of friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Here are five occasions where you may use a custom letterpress invitation:


Weddings are a special occasion in the lives of couples who wish to spend a lifetime together under the blessing of Holy Matrimony. Weddings are likewise a perfect occasion to use letterpress invitations to immediate family, friends, and colleagues to share such a momentous phase in the couple’s journey. There is no shortage of elegantly prepared wedding invites using a letterpress printer that will surely impress every recipient. A couple’s ideas can be easily translated into stunning invitations, thus making the wedding much more special.


Birthdays are always a celebration of the gift of life. They should thus be made special in every way possible, including the invites sent to people close to the celebrants’ hearts. With a personalized letterpress invitation, this is easily achieved. The sheer craftsmanship and attention to detail that a letterpress birthday invitation possesses are sure to make both invitees and celebrants feel special, which is why such an invitation is highly popular these days.


Christening welcomes a child into the Christian world and is yet another special occasion where a letterpress invitation is best used. You can put details like the name of the child’s sponsors (godparents), the date and venue of the reception, and other pertinent information. With such a custom invite, the parents of the child can make godfathers and godmothers feel pretty special and welcomed into the child’s family as second parents.


Adult couple celebrating their anniversary

Do you want to celebrate your anniversary with people closest to your heart? Do it with some nice letterpress invites. Whether it’s your 10th wedding anniversary or your 50th, a custom invitation will surely make it more special and memorable. You can have your vows printed in the invitation or express your gratitude to those who shared such an intimate occasion with you.


If you have a daughter who is going to turn legal age soon, it would be a perfect occasion to go for letterpress invitations. Since your daughter is transitioning from being an adolescent into an adult, you must ensure that the entire celebration will be special. With the elegance that a letterpress invitation possesses, this should be an easy thing to do.

Choose to make every occasion in your life extra special and memorable with the right custom letterpress invitation done by a skilled letterpress studio. Your guests will surely be amazed and touched by the simple gesture of investing in an elegant invite.

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