What Parents Should Know About Play to Learn Schools


For some folks, play might seem like a reward for children after a hard day of hitting the books at school. As child development professionals know, kids not only enjoy play for its recreational benefits but they also need play to serve as a vehicle for effective instruction. According to the video “What is Play-Based Learning?”, active engagement in hands-on learning experiences produces the best learning opportunities for kids so being informed about play-to-learn schools can allow parents to set their children up for the brightest future possible.

Since play provides a safe space for kids to explore novel ideas, play to learn school creates opportunities for critical thinking that will last a lifetime. If you’re on the fence about whether play-to-learn schools are effective, you can interview potential facilities in your area to see if they might be a good fit.

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By requesting a tour of the school, you’ll be able to determine if the school might be a solid match for your kid’s needs and your family as a whole.

Play-to-learn schools aid in memory since they offer concrete experiences. While watching and reading can help kids learn, they don’t cement lessons as strongly as play. Researching different types of schools can give you a new perspective on what’s best for your child’s education.

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