What Separates Organic Non GMO Seeds From Other Varieties


In this comprehensive YouTube video, the speaker delves into the intricacies of different seed types, shedding light on heirloom, hybrid, organic, and organic non GMO seeds. Beginning with a clear distinction, the video emphasizes that GMO seeds, involving genetic splicing between species, are not available to home gardeners. The discussion then transitions to hybrid seeds, created through cross-pollination, which offer improved qualities while maintaining the original characteristics of parent plants.

The video also delves into the realm of organic seeds, outlining the stringent certification requirements.

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The speaker underscores the false dichotomy between organic and synthetic options, challenging the notion that one is inherently superior to the other. While acknowledging the potential pitfalls of both organic and synthetic substances, the speaker leans towards organic seeds for supporting local businesses and promoting seed hardiness.

Heirloom seeds take center stage in the latter part of the video, characterized as extremely old seeds that reliably produce plants true to type. Despite potential drawbacks, such as lacking certain resistance traits, heirloom seeds offer a rich variety of beautiful and flavorful plants, fostering autonomy and self-sufficiency.

Throughout the video, the speaker aims to demystify the complexities surrounding seed types, acknowledging the potential confusion and misinformation prevalent in discussions. As the 2021 growing season approaches, the speaker expresses hope that the breakdown provided in the video will empower viewers with a clearer understanding of seed choices. Encouraging viewers to continue gardening, the speaker wraps up the video with gratitude for the audience’s engagement.

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