Back-Ups Made Easy: Creating Back-Ups for Your Photos


Capturing memories and milestones has become much easier, thanks to different advanced cameras and smartphones. Gone are the days when you will have to go to a studio to have the film developed. Now, you can access and relive memories any time you want. Also, you can keep as many pictures as you want with ultra-large hard drives and storage spaces.

However, your digital photos are not always safe, as you have always thought. There is always a risk of losing them all due to a single mistake, a virus, or through theft. And losing all those precious memories can be stressful. There is always a solution, though.

You may not always be able to protect all the pictures from accidental deletion, but you can always come up with measures to keep them from getting lost permanently. This simple measure is called creating back-ups. You may be taking this practice for granted, but it is a habit that you should always have. Here are some of the ways you can do it easily.

Get yourself a reliable hard drive

One of the best ways you can actually create back-ups is by storing your photographs in a hard drive. It is recommended that you get a hard drive with large storage, such as 1 terabyte or more. That way, you can create back-ups without worrying that your new storage will run out. When storing pictures in your new hard drive, you should be careful. Do not just pull the cable out; always eject it safely so that the data will not get lost along the way.

Pick an online photo storage service

cloud storage

Cloud is the way to go, if you want to add another layer of protection. You may use your preferred online storage services, but know that there are actually storage providers specially designed for digital photos. When picking a digital photo storage service, check out their features — from automatic back-up capabilities to how they retain the quality of the photos when already uploaded.

Consider old alternatives

You may think that CDs and DVDs are already not in vogue. But, you will be surprised by a number of people who are still using these storage devices. However, do not depend on these too much. It is advisable that you use them for creating archives.

Make creating back-ups a habit

Other than using the right storage devices, it is more important that you create back-ups on a regular basis. Some may do it monthly while others do it every quarter. There is no strict rule here, but do not delay the creation of back-ups. File disasters happen unexpectedly, and when that happens, you should already be protected.

The memories that you have collected over the years are precious. They will always remind you of the beautiful days that you have had and the happiness that you have experienced during those times. It is a must that you protect all your pictures. Other than setting up passwords and protective measures for your albums, it is important that you create back-ups.

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