Hot and Cold: How Changing Weather Conditions Can Mess Up Your Home

house covered in snow

Changing weather can slowly damage your house, and sometimes, homeowners do not notice the cracks until nature’s final blow strikes. That is why regularly doing home maintenance is important so that you can protect your humble abode from extreme conditions.

But before you can prepare and eventually come up with solutions, you must first find out how weather conditions and disturbances can cause damage to your home and the extent of destruction that they can bring.

Here are some ways that the weather can ruin your home.


damaged roofHurricane is one of nature’s most destructive forces. Strong winds and heavy rains brought by storms can easily blow away roofs and knock out large trees that can fall on your home. Meanwhile, gusts packed by hurricanes can dislodge gutters and cause water to leak from your ceiling.

To make sure these things won’t happen, always unclog your gutters so that they can easily control the flow of rainwater when a hurricane comes. It is also better to have your trees trimmed regularly. After the storm, immediately check your house for any damage and have them fixed.


While it is fun to relax on snowy days and nights, too much snow can be a homeowner’s nightmare. If snow heavily builds up, your roof and gutters may collapse. Once rising temperature melts the snow, water may leak from your roof and result in flooding that can weaken your home’s foundation and cause additional issues.

Winter can also send you looking for the best garage door repair service near you. In places like Salt Lake City, Utah, where there are heavy snowstorms every year, cold temperatures can freeze some parts of garage doors and make the opening mechanism malfunction.

To avoid any of these, make sure your gutters are not full of dry leaves or other materials that can easily clog it so that they are prepared and in good condition when winter comes.


Even when the sun is high and the land is dry, your home is still not spared from a changing weather’s wrath. Extreme heat can mess up your home paint color as well as warp your roofs and shingles. Your outdoor furniture can also sustain some damage from prolonged periods of heat.

When the paint of your house and furniture is peeling after the long summer, then it is time for a fresh coat. Window shades and drapes are also your best friend during the hot season as they can protect your indoor furniture.


Hail causes homeowners millions of dollars’ worth of property damage every year. Pellets of hail falling from the sky at a fast speed can single-handedly create holes on your roofs and break your outdoor furniture. Some hailstones are also large enough to smash your house’s windows.

If your area has a history of hailstorms, make sure your house is insured and contact your insurance company as soon as it is safe. Routinely have your roof checked for damage and immediately fix any problems.

With these weather conditions in mind, make sure to prepare for them by having your home maintenance regularly.

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