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For many, reading has played a big part in their lives. Some treat books as their friends, and those who love the feeling of being lost in the stories they read. Reading kept them entertained in times of hardships and kept them company in times of loneliness. If you are considering a career that’s closely related to reading, these jobs might fit you.

Become a Librarian

Librarian reading a book in front of bookshelves

As an avid book reader, you’d probably remember the first time you went to a library. You’ll notice three things: the endless rows of books, the distinct smell of old paper, and the librarian greeting you with silence and a piercing glare. Now, you have a choice to be that librarian and be the one to stare at library visitors to remind them of who runs the place. Your first step would be to earn a bachelor’s degree in any field that can complement a degree in library science. If you’re interested in becoming a school librarian, you can get a degree in education. After earning your undergraduate degree, your post-grad should be a Master of Library and Information Science. Choose a program that you want to specialize in, like youth services, science specializations, and more. While earning your MLIS, your first work can be in a public library. This gives you real-world experience in the career you choose and is a great way to earn money for your Master’s degree. Research about other certifications you can get and credentials you can earn. You may need further studies and additional courses, but this is an excellent investment for your career as a librarian.

Become a Paralegal

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If you’re interested in reading about the law, as well as different crimes, cases, and their consequences, you can pursue a career as a paralegal. The first step is to get formal paralegal training, which is often offered by colleges and universities. You can get paralegal degrees from community colleges, which offer two-year programs, while universities provide a full four-year course. Nowadays, paralegals with a four-year degree are more in-demand compared to those who took a two-year program. After finishing the course, your first step is to find an internship from a law office or any legal institution. This gives you a much-needed hands-on experience, working on actual cases with real consequences. When you do well during the internship, you can get hired on the spot. Other than that, you can also apply for a paralegal position in banks and other financial institutions, real estate, and other companies with a legal arm.

Become a Writer

A woman writing on her notebook in front of her laptop

If you’ve loved reading your whole life, why not try and write the story yourself? You’ve been in many different worlds from the various books that you’ve read. You can try and create your own world, with characters that you think would have a great lesson to share. You can write a children’s storybook or maybe start with a short story before expanding it to a whole novel. Write something that the reader in you would love to read.

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