Cloud Mistakes That You Should Avoid


Implementing the cloud for your business is a major move. Though there are some advantages to it, you shouldn’t be jumping into it blindly. Many other businesses do and they end up making mistakes that they regret.
Here are some of the missteps that many companies make and you should avoid:

Thinking One Cloud is Like the Other

With the many cloud platforms out there, some companies think they can randomly pick one and they will be fine. That is a big mistake. Cloud platforms have unique properties that can make them a good fit for particular business types. Look closely at each platform’s bandwidth and capacity to see whether they can handle the workload you are bringing. An additional point is the security options of each platform. Depending on what sort of data you handle, you might want to pick a platform that can properly protect your information.

Forgetting to Upgrade Your Connectivity

The cloud is all about having your data on a remote cloud server. This means that you need to have a proper internet connection to do anything. If your company is still operating at low bandwidth, then you need to change that. Before you move to the cloud, it is a good idea to upgrade your network to a connection that can handle gigabytes of bandwidth per second. A company that does not have a fast connection will not be able to use the cloud to the best of its ability.


Not Getting Help

Some companies think that the cloud is a simple thing to do. This is considering how easy the applications seem to operate and the back end is not visible to them. This can lead to trouble as they stumble over the implementation, not aware of the particular needs of each cloud platform.
For example, a ServiceNow implementation will require some familiarity with the offerings of the platform so that a company’s processes will run smoothly. Additionally, some apps need some fine-tuning before they can operate on the cloud platform. With an expert to fix any issues, these apps can be at their best. Ensure that your move to the cloud is seamless by calling experts to give you advice on how to proceed.

Going All In

The cloud is a great piece of technology but it is not the immediate answer to all of your problems. Fully migrating on to the cloud is a mistake. Some business apps would be better off in your control. The reason could be government regulations and other concerns. For example, medical companies cannot store some data on the cloud because they are private and need to be always in the hands of the company. Decide which apps and data will not migrate so that you can accommodate them in your new IT infrastructure.
Moving to the cloud can benefit any company. But it needs to be done properly or you’ll end up paying for it. The above mistakes are the most common ones that plague those who jump on the cloud carelessly. Keep them in mind so that you can avoid the consequences.

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