Five Reasons to Move to Phoenix for a Fresh Start

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Every now and then, people feel inclined to take stock of their lives and what possibilities the future may hold. Living and working in the same city for years can indicate career stagnation if opportunities are scarce. If you feel that a change of scenery will do you good, consider relocating to Phoenix – this desert city might just be the perfect place for a fresh start.


The tech sector in Phoenix is growing thanks to concentrated efforts from local government and economic organizations quickly. Lower cost of operations has become a significant factor in attracting big tech employers to set up offices here. Several manufacturing companies are also expected to generate hundreds of jobs each.

The dynamic Phoenix environment offers jobs, and also opportunities for entrepreneurship with its strong and supportive business community. With an unemployment rate that’s lower than the national average and a pipeline of talent from local universities, you can easily find the right people to network and build your startup here.

Cost of living

Seeing your source of income is essential, but it’s only part of the equation. When relocating, you’ll need to balance your expected earnings against the cost of living in a new area. The good news is that according to data, Phoenix residents enjoy lower costs compared to the national average: -5% on housing, -4% on utilities, and -3% on groceries. For a metropolitan area this size, that’s remarkable affordability. You can also save a lot by choosing the right location; a favorable mortgage rate in Tempe can present significant monthly savings, for example.


Like migrating birds, many people love visiting Phoenix in the winter. With an average of 306 sunny days each year, mild weather and moderate winters make the area a pleasant vacation destination. A lot of people decide to stay permanently, and if you love warm weather, you may feel the same way. But if the thought of desert heat makes you uncomfortable, keep in mind that it’s not humid, unlike other parts of the country. Staying in the shade or indoors with the A/C on will keep you surprisingly cool.

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The city has a strong public education system, and excellent opportunities for higher education, with several campuses of Arizona State University in the area. This is great news if you’re moving here with kids of any age, and it can also be a chance for you to pursue further learning. Customized training, post-graduate programs, and technical courses are available for you to learn new skills and unlock your full career potential while living here.


For many people, leisure activities and entertainment options carry a lot of weight when deciding on a move. If you’re an outdoor or exercise enthusiast, you’ll be glad to know that beautiful landscapes and sunsets of Arizona aren’t just there for viewing pleasure; many locals frequently head outdoors to hike up the numerous mountains and plateaus in the area.

Phoenix also offers annual local music and film festivals, art galleries, and even day trips to ruins and ghost towns for fans of culture and history. And food lovers can check out an ever-growing range of dining options serving up specialty Southwestern, Native American, and Mexican cuisine.

If you’re looking for a fresh start in life or your career, Phoenix offers plenty of amenities and attractions while giving you the chance to maximize your salary and live comfortably.

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