Design That Matters: The Key Elements of Digital Advertising and Marketing

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Business strategies continue to evolve as technology also continues to introduce innovations that make our lives easier and more productive. The world of trade and commerce has come a long way from using traditional means of advertising to utilizing complex online marketing tools. In fact, about 82% of consumers based on their purchasing decisions on information — like reviews, descriptions, and product benefits — they found on the Internet.

It’s a given that online marketing can be the most beneficial strategy for all sorts of businesses. However, for a digital advertisement to be effective, it requires specific elements such as a good ad copy, a visually pleasing graphic design, and an appropriate platform.

Writing the Right Copy

The word “copy” pertains to words or text of advertising either in traditional media (print, radio, and television) or new media (online platforms). A good advertisement copy is concise and catchy while at the same time containing all the necessary details you want to get across. Creativity in wordplay is also helpful in catching the attention of potential customers.

A well-written copy will be able to keep an interested buyer reading, listening, or watching until the end. It’s also wise and recommended to keep the ad copy short and direct, especially since people today have busy lifestyles and only prefer to scan through whatever content is available to them.

Another factor to consider when writing a copy is consumer research, as it enables the copywriter to construct a copy outline based on the target market’s demographics, such as their preferences, needs, and demands.

Creating an Impactful Web Design

man web designingAdvertising is now one of the major sources of income for many websites. Before the booming advancement of the digital world, online ads were often lambasted by consumers and advertisers were unsure about their value or effectiveness. However, a lot of consumers today expect ads on most commercial websites, thus advertisers have recognized the potential opportunities that it may bring in terms of boosting exposure and profitability.

In addition, advertising has a huge impact on most site builders because they have to design and develop income-generating websites while meeting the needs of their clients’ customers. To maximize advertisements with less interference in the appearance and usability of the website, the Provo designer must take advertising needs into consideration throughout the entire design process.

Choosing the Ideal Advertising Platform

Selecting the most suitable platform is vital to the success of a digital advertisement. The platform also dictates the tone and length of the ad copy. For instance, if the ad will be posted on an online magazine, the copy must be visually-appealing, witty, and with adequate length.

Another factor in choosing the appropriate platform is the target market. To determine the most frequently visited online platform of your target consumers, data from consumer research can be utilized.

Digital advertising is efficient in boosting brand recognition and publicity. However, to fully communicate a message, it’s important to construct a good copy, use creative web design, and post the ad on the most appropriate platform.

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