Five Collaboration Tools Your Small Business Needs to Succeed

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At the heart of every business is its collaborative techniques. The more that a team can collaborate on projects, the better chance these projects have of being completed. A business can have the most brilliant mind as its owner and CEO, but without the equally unique talents and skills of its workers, it will flounder and wither. Businesses need to be nourished. Collaboration is the only way to enrich the efficiency of business operations.

While there are many collaboration tools that you can invest in, the best ones aim to streamline processes and improve productivity. Look for a Google G Suite reseller to start you off with your project. The cloud-based apps combine an array of features that range from cloud computing to productivity and collaboration tools.


Google Docs is still the most popular software for writing. Some other brands are trying to give Microsoft a run for its money. The best writing tool will allow team members to access and edit the document simultaneously. They should be able to access the document from their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. There should be a feature where members will see who has edited the parts of the document. The “history” of the document should be accurate, so members can retrieve information when needed.

Project Management

How could a business survive before without project management software? This program creates specific checklists for team members. These lists are further broken down into achievable tasks that aim to maximize the productivity of the team. It also optimizes the workflow, so everyone knows which tasks are being taken care of. The best project management tool should allow team members to chat right on the platform, so they don’t have to switch between programs while working on a project.



Businesses need to communicate all the time. You cannot depend on social media messengers for this. You need an app that’s specifically made for sharing documents, archiving conversations, and allowing third-party apps. Many of these communication tools allow for the creation of threads so that topics can be separated accordingly. Strictly enforce the rule of talking only about the project in these chat boards. Also, you might want to use only tools that have a downloadable smartphone version so that your on-the-go team members can chat via their phones.


Some businesses don’t prefer discussing their budget with their employees. It’s a bit too transparent and collegial. But if you need ideas for funding resources, you can get those from your team members. Who knows if someone wants to invest in your company from your workforce? You can get a lot of great ideas about investment from your team members. A budget tool should be able to share spreadsheets and make projections.

Content Creation

This should be different from the writing tool. A content creation tool will have all sorts of features that allow team members to create and edit videos. They can also make interactive marketing presentations. Hopefully, the content creation tool will have versions on iOS, Android, and other platforms.

You can get your projects and team members under control by using collaboration tools. Investing in these tools will improve the productivity of each member of your team. These will also maximize your team’s ideas, skills, and talents.

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