Relishing a Milestone: Embracing Your New Life as a Homeowner

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Social media makes homebuying look like a completely enjoyable journey. Even ads portray it as such, with models all smiles as they hold the keys to their first home. But in reality, many people deal with anxiety and stress behind the glamour.

Thankfully, favorable home loan plans are available to make the process less tedious. With this option, people without sufficient savings can still buy a home, reaching a significant milestone earlier than they expect. But while the process of obtaining a loan can be a breeze, it’s getting settled into a new neighborhood that tends to difficult.

For first-time homeowners, permanent residence in a particular area can be overwhelming. Unlike renting, owning a home requires more responsibilities, such as paying HOA fees, insurances, and maintenance.

Considering that, it’s normal to feel stressed out after buying your first abode.

But you can’t stay stressed for long and never enjoy your own space anymore. So here are the ways to cope with the overwhelming milestone:

Don’t Give in to Society’s Expectations

Bupa UK Health Clinics conducted a survey last year in honor of the Mental Health Awareness Week (May 13-19). The survey tackled life’s milestones, which included buying a home.

58% of the survey respondents believed that social media builds an expectation of what achieving milestones should look like. As such, one in ten people felt unhappy after reaching an important goal, deciding against posting photos because it doesn’t meet the expectations.

According to Dr. Arun Thiyagarajan, Medical Director of Bupa UK Health Clinics, it’s easy to forget that what we see on social media is merely a snapshot of a life event and not the experience as a whole. As a result, we tend to compare our realities with the happy moments we see on our feeds and feel down in the process.

Hence, abandon the idea that you should feel a certain way after buying your first home. Focus on your accomplishment rather than society’s perception. If you’re feeling stressed, remember that everyone is fighting their own battles, and what social media only shows is a moment in time, not the person’s entire journey. house and lot

Ask Loved Ones for Help

Moving is by no means an easy feat. There’s no way to handle every aspect of it alone. When stress starts to build up, call your loved ones for help. They’ll surely be happy to celebrate your achievement with you.

But when you involve your loved ones, strive to make a move as pleasant as you can. Often, when you’re too stressed out, the mood of your companions will darken as well. So try not to focus on the problematic parts, and enjoy each other’s company.

Introduce Yourself to Your New Neighbors

In a way, your new neighbors are going to be your new family. They’ll be the ones you’ll trust to watch your place while you’re out. So as soon as you move in, make time to introduce yourself.

You don’t need to throw a housewarming party right away to make an introduction. Start with baby steps, such as saying hello every time you encounter a neighbor outside. Then join the homeowners’ association gatherings, and find common interests with the other attendees.

Go out of your shell by spending time outside. Explore the communal areas, or go for a walk to stumble across many friendly faces. When you start to feel settled, get involved in organizations, clubs, and other groups in your community.

Adjusting to your new life as a homeowner will come with ups and downs, so again, don’t be pressured to feel happy all the time. Accept that feeling insecure and overwhelmed are just parts of the process, and at the end of the day, what matters more is the blessing you received, which is your new abode.

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