Why Content Marketing Should Be Your Top Priority


When most people hear “content marketing,” they immediately think of blogs and long articles about products that a company sells. Now, some of those people prefer not to give content marketing any attention because they think that in today’s digital age, who would want to read a lengthy article about artisanal soap or any other product.

But the reality is that content marketing is a formidable and effective marketing tool. To market your local business in Denver, you can opt for content marketing. Many big companies owe their success to this marketing tool, one of which is American Express. American Express discovered the potential of content marketing in reaching their target customers and knowing what they want by launching their OPEN Forum, an online forum where people can discuss their opinions about American Express’ products.

Callaway Golf also took advantage of content marketing and became more successful with it despite having so many rival companies vying for the top spot in golf products. What Callaway Golf did was instead of trying to sell their products through their content, they simply produced content that their target customers would like to read and know more about. Because of this, their customers grew to like them even more, and that was when their sales increased.

If you want your business to succeed, you should focus on ramping up your content marketing. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few tips that you can use to improve your content marketing strategies:

Write content that your customers can relate to

The cardinal rule in content marketing is that you should never write to sell something; rather, write to connect with someone. People know when someone is trying to sell them something. In content marketing, your purpose is to bridge the emotional connection between your product and your customers. If you’re selling anti-allergy creams, you don’t simply write an article detailing why your cream is a lot better than all the other anti-allergy ointments. Rather, write something that would make your customers think that you and your company understand them and that your products are made particularly for them.

But how do you do that? If you’re writing about anti-allergy creams, tell your customers about people’s personal experience wherein they suffered from severe skin allergies. You can put in your article how to avoid triggering a skin allergy, what to do when one develops severely itchy rashes, and what remedies one can use to alleviate the rashes.

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Be consistent with your posts

Another suggestion for your content marketing is to post articles consistently. There is no strict rule on how often you should post content on your website, but many experts suggest that you post at least one article a day. If one article a day is too much, try posting at least three articles a week. You should not wait too long before you post another article because people might lose interest in your site if they see that you haven’t posted a new article in two weeks.

But more importantly, your posts should be interesting and engaging. Don’t post an article just for the sake of posting one. Be sure that when you write an article, people will either be enlightened or they’ll get a laugh from reading.

Pull them in with your title

To pull in your readers right away into reading your article, you should exert a lot of effort in coming up with a unique or eye-catching title. Titles are the first thing that your customers will read on Google, Facebook, or Twitter. Make sure that when they read your title, it will be so interesting that they’ll immediately go straight to your article.

Content marketing is a powerful tool in building your brand and increasing your profits. Make it your top priority to use this strategy in turning your business and your company into a huge success.

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