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Three Practical Ways to Encourage Children to Study

One of the biggest challenges parents have today is to get their kids interested in studying. This should not be a surprise; with so many distractions in and outside the home, kids can’t be blamed either. Gadgets, toys, and the internet are making studying a boring activity for kids, because they find it more entertaining than

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Roads Get Deadlier — Even with Fewer Cars on the Road

Fewer people drove their cars in 2020. In Michigan, traffic dropped by 73 percent. The state recorded 245,000 crashes last year, an all-time low since 2010. While there were fewer accidents, fatal car crashes rose by an alarming 12 percent. Several factors made roads more dangerous — most of them determined by drivers. Reckless Driving

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The Economic Benefits Of Learning The Chinese Language

Learning another language enriches us culturally, but did you know that learning the Chinese language also boosts your chance of succeeding at your job or your business? Read more to find out how. According to Ethnologue, the Chinese language is the most widely spoken language in the world in terms of native speakers. There are

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The Four Biggest Expenses You’ll Ever Make in Your Life

Your entire existence isn’t dependent on your ability to earn and spend money throughout your life. There is so much more to life than finding a well-paying job to earn a stable income, but it’s hard not to look at it from a financial standpoint when the only thing you can do for free is

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Service Workers’ Struggles with Mental Health

When our days are filled to the brim with work, friends, and families, we no longer notice some small things that occur. We don’t notice the doors that open for us when we enter buildings. We barely see the mop that cleans the floor that we walk on. Our focus is solely on the coffee

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Building a Career: 4 Steps to Success

You will find that work will dominate the rest of your life, which means that you will have to learn how to become good at it. Building a successful career will not be an overnight thing. You will have to spend years improving to make sure that you are positioning yourself for a stable future.

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Three Ideas To Ignite Your Child’s Critical Thinking

Every parent wants their children to thrive, even when they’re young. But apparently, there are no manuals about child-rearing and ensuring their future success. Should you teach your child Science? Should she learn more than three languages? These are excellent ideas. However, they aren’t enough. To ensure that your child’s mind can absorb new information

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You Have Talent: You Just Have to Uncover It!

Being talented is believed to be innate. However, that is not always true. Talents can be discovered, and it just so happened that many people managed to discover theirs at an early age. Do not lose hope, though, as you are not running out of time. You can still find and uncover your talents! There

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