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Mind-nourishing Activities to Engage in While in Quarantine

It’s disheartening to see that the virus is still spreading rapidly in the U.S. and other countries. While cities remain open and many businesses still operate as usual, we’re still advised to stay home as much as possible to flatten the curve until a vaccine is released. But being in quarantine can be lonely, boring,

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A New, Refreshed Look: Sprucing Up Your Front Yard

Renovating or rebuilding your home requires you to cover all spaces and corners of your property. And among the most important areas to work on is the front yard. This is especially essential, as it greatly affects how your façade looks. Sprucing up your yard not only beautifies it, but it also allows you to

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Why Consider Becoming a Natural Chef

Do you enjoy preparing, cooking, and styling gourmet dishes? Then taking up a culinary course may have already crossed your mind. Of course, being a chef is nowhere easy. There will be struggles and challenges you need to face. But there are numerous undeniable benefits you can enjoy by pursuing your passion for cooking. For

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Dressing the Part: What to Wear to Your Job Interview

Making a good first impression at your job interview is easier said than done. There are a lot of factors at play; from how you introduce yourself to how you answer their questions. There’s also the ‘looks’ element of it. When you enter the room, the interviewer will likely give you a once over to

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Top Three Effective Teaching Tips

Whether it be a class of preschoolers or undergraduates, teaching is a unique challenge. Not only do you have to figure out how to capture the students’ attention, but you also have to keep it for a long duration. What works for some may not work for others. It’s a balancing act to mold and

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Out-of-the-Box Hobbies to Pass the Time

So, like the millions of people around the globe you’re stuck at home. At first, you thought it was going to be easy, with all this free time. It doesn’t take long before you find out that all those Netflix shows, social media trends, and even your collection of novels just won’t cut it. Don’t

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For the Young: Conducting Surveys for Millennials and Generation Z

Many online survey providers may be clueless about younger millennials and Generation Z. They think that young people are the same way older generations were when they were younger. But the truth is, we are all psychologically impacted by the rapid changes in our technology, whether we like or accept it. For people in their

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Five Best Things to Do for Retired Baby Boomers

Around a decade ago, baby boomers started to retire from their jobs. By 2025, it is expected that almost all baby boomers would have retired from their professional careers. They may still run businesses and other things. But for the most part, they are going to hang their coats and live peaceful lives with their grandkids. Well,

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Be Excited About It: Preparing for Your 40s

There’s a famous adage that goes like this: life begins at forty. Technically, life starts anytime you want it. Maybe, it just happens that a lot of people have found their calling and discovered their purpose during this phase. Nevertheless, the adage has become so popular that many people have learned to look forward to

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12 Baking Essentials: The Baker Must-Haves

Similar to cooking, baking needs to be precise so its finished products will achieve the right taste and texture. This list of baking must-haves is one that every baker — beginner or veteran, self-employed in their own little bakery or owns a commercial bakery business — needs. 12 Must-Have Tools Every Baker Should Have 1. Digital Scale Since flour

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